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What is jujitsu?

Se Keino Ryu (Jujitsu)

Ju Jitsu is an ancient art of self defence which includes elements of various martial arts but primarily concentrates on throwing, locking and restraint techniques which can easily be applied to the modern world. The very first lesson you attend will teach you something useful. It is suitable for all sexes, all ages and fitness levels as techniques are very adaptable to suit individual characteristics.

Many women have become highly proficient in Ju Jitsu. Due to the fact that much Ju Jitsu depends on the application and diversion of the force of the attacker, this is a very suitable method of defend for women. As sex is no barrier to learning, so age is no barrier. Newspapers have told of elderly people who train regularly in Ju Jitsu and benefit greatly from it. One of our Associations oldest students took his second Dan at the age of 72!

JJ Badge
JJ Badge