"Train like there is no tomorrow"






Tuesday session                                

Juniors 7.15-8.30pm







New students should wear a t-shirt with tracksuit type trousers until they progress to a gi. Each week the students start the evening with exercises to improve physical fitness and also aerobic work to increase stamina.

Training also includes learning to fall correctly/break falls essential for students as they progress through their syllabus work. During normal training sessions students will have the opportunity to learn different forms of attack and defence under strict instruction. All students will be encouraged to practise their syllabus (belts) which will lead to a grading to obtain their belt subject to student achieving a suitable standard. All classes finish with a cooling down session either practising a kata or exercises. The adult class follows the junior class format with the add on of more ground work training syllabus training and weapons sessions. Different forms of training will be included from time to time like Knife randori stick attacks and circuit training.

Group (2)
boxing (1)




Juniors - once a week £50 per quarter